Flow Searching: A Concept in Mindfulness

Scrolling through the digital kindle store, I picked the book titled ‘The Happiness Hypothesis’. A book that links ancient philosophy with contemporary psychology. At the time, I wasn’t searching for the key to happiness. Or maybe I was. But any topic on well-being is an immediate interest of mine.

What stuck with me was the concept of ‘Flow’. Flow is when you are immersed in a skill. In other words, you are “in the zone”. A skillful activity could be a hobby, craft, art, or chores. Anything. When people ‘flow’, they are engaged.

It is no surprise that ‘flow’ is associated with happiness. Being engaged is synonymous to mindfulness. Now imagine being mindful while accomplishing something skillful. Mindflow, if you will- a dopamine explosion occurs. The mind craves these experiences.
Since learning about flow, I have been on a hunt for my dopamine trigger. When am I immersed in something skillful? This started my journey into flow searching (the new soul searching). I traced recent memories to think of a time which I felt happy and challenged. The first thing that came to mind was the same reason I started this blog.

It starts out how most blogs begin. I felt drained at my job. I dreaded going to work. I wondered if it was a phase, or time for a new job. But then, like the sun breaking through the clouds, I was enlightened. I stepped out of my patients room as I usually do. But this time, I felt refreshed. I felt content in my career choice. All I did was teach a young man about his new type 1 diabetes. I talked to him and his parents for an hour, answering their questions with precision. I was confident. I felt knowledgeable. In the end, my patient did too. I discovered my Flow before I had known what flow was. I was engaged again and reminded of my love for nursing.

That is why I am here. Patient teaching is my flow. I am flow searching through writing. Even just writing this article has my dopamine receptors tingling. My flow searching journey continues as I develop my blog further, connect with the community and teach others.